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Who Are We?

We are Drink Pass, a mobile-based web application dedicated to bringing greater efficiency to purchasing drinks at bars and clubs while connecting you with your friends.

No longer will you have to deal with figuring out where to go or what to do on a Friday night… Simply log on to your Drink Pass account and see where your friends plan to go, where they’ve checked in and even message them that you’re on your way!

Order any amount of drinks on your smart phone and be notified via text notification when the drinks are ready. Since your credit card is saved to your account, your order is automatically processed with a simple click of a button and no need to exchange cash or even bring a wallet.

Swing by the Drink Pass section of the bar at your favorite venue and pick up your drinks at your leisure.

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Why Use it?


bullet-arrow Stop fighting for your spot around the bar
bullet-arrow Spend more time hanging out with your friends
bullet-arrow Let the drinks wait for you


bullet-arrow Let friends know where you are
bullet-arrow Coordinate places to hangout
bullet-arrow Share your experience thoughout the night


bullet-arrow Become A-listed at your favorite venues
bullet-arrow Gain levels, and compete with friends
bullet-arrow Receive real life benefits

Are you a venue owner?

Offering the Drink Pass service in your venue will greatly benefit both you and your customers.


bullet-arrow Take orders quickly and prevent overcrowded bar space
bullet-arrow Customers spend less time waiting and more time enjoying themselves


bullet-arrow Customer turnover is no longer limited by physical bar space
bullet-arrow Mobile technology expands bar real estate to virtually every corner of your venue
bullet-arrow Serve customers faster and more efficiently


bullet-arrow Increase social media visibility via customer check-ins & status posts
bullet-arrow Check-ins allow customers to advertise your venue to their Facebook and Twitter networks

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